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T-37 Hydraulic Hottap MachineT-37 Hydraulic Hottap Machine
3-12inch Hydraulic Hottap Machine

T-30H Hot Tapping Machine

Manufacturer: 2LBin.com
SKU: T-30H Category: Equipment.
T-30 Hydraulic tapping has a very powerful built in hydraulic or optional air or electric drive unit for 3" - 12" pressure tap-ins for Municipal pipe applications
and is compatible with line stopping.

3-12" Hydraulic Hot Tapping Machine

Designed by Tappers - for Tappers Very powerful built in hydraulic drive unit Taps all types of pipe quickly and safely 3" - 12" pressure tap-ins for Municipal pipe applications 3" - 12" pressure tap-ins for chilled carbon. 3" - 12" compatible with line stopping 30" of travel Total Length of Machine is 48" Tall Without Adaptor Total weight of machine- 125 lbs.(without cutters or adaptors) Requires approx. 8 G.P.M. @ 1700 P.S.I. Adaptors available in steel or aluminum British Standards Available Made in the USA
Operating max. pressure: 300 psi. @ 100° F Operating temperature: 250° F @ 250 psi.

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