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On-Size Weld Linestop FittingOn-Size Weld Linestop Fitting

On-Size Weld Linestop Fitting

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IFT uses a wide range of Linestop fittings to perform pipeline connections and isolations with our line stopping machines. Our experience welding and using these style fittings dates back to the origins of the design with our 37+ years of experience and counting. Our fittings work to get the job done right the 1st time.

On-Size Weld Linestop Fitting

On-Size Weld Linestop Fitting The IFT On-Size Weld Fittings are available in 150,300, and 600 Ib. flange ratings, through 48". The flange has a completion plug retaining mechanism built in so that expensive valves can be removed after the line stopping process is complete.

IFT Folder Fitting - Weld Type

IFT Folder Fitting - Weld Type The IFT Folder Fitting is designed for economical line stops on small and large diameter lines. Bypass capability is decreased, due to its reduced outlet size. The equipment needed to operate through this smaller outlet is easier to use due to its size. This fitting is available in Class 150 Ib. and 300 Ib. flange ratings for line stopping through 60". The folder fitting's weld type nozzle is separate from the full wrap and is welded onto the pipeline prior to the wrap. The full wrap is then welded on around the pipe and nozzle.
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