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Copper PVC Steel Pipe Fitting SleevesCopper PVC Steel Pipe Fitting Sleeves

Copper, Steel and PVC Saddles

Manufacturer: 2LBin.com
SKU: 499 Category: Equipment.
Size on size tapping sleeves for copper and small sized problem pipes are now available. The IFT 499 Saddle offers a wide range of tapping outlets through size on size for Copper, Steel, Cast Iron, Ductle Iron, PVC and Polyethylene pipelines. The standard assembly is constructed of all 304 stainless steel. The gasket creates a full encirclement seal and insulates against electrolysis.




Stopping range pipe size 3/4" - 6"
Maximum stopping pressure 300 PSI
Maximum stopping temperature 100 degrees (f)*
Weight 58 pounds
*=with standard stoppel rubber, o-rings, etc.
Units in box: 1
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