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IFT Featured Lynchburg, Virginia Job: 100% Pipe Linestop SHUTDOWN on an indoor 30" Sewage System - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

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100% Pipe Linestop SHUTDOWN on an indoor 30" Sewage System

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Job Status: Job completed. 
Job Date: February 17, 2017
Location: Lynchburg, Virginia
Job Specifics: In this video a 100% Pipe Linestop SHUTDOWN on a 30" Sewage System in Lynchburg, VA.

1 – Bad Valve
City of Lynchburg Virginia called IFT to replace a faulty 30” plug valve. This valve required a 30” Linestop® 5 stories below street level and in the vertical position.
IFT specializes in complicated sewage projects and it was a project we could perform safely and professionally.

2 - Weld fitting
This pump-station’s existing pipelines are carbon steel, so IFT was able to provide a 30” x 24” welded connection used to install the Folding Head Linestop® machine.

3 - Hottap
IFT used its “Big Louie” Tapping machine to make the hottap into the live sewage main. The Big Louie machine is light and small enough to fit into tight quarters.
Fall training and safety equipment for IFT technicians is important on some of our projects. Tapping work is not for the faint-hearted.

4 - Setup Linestop
IFT Tennessee office was in control of this job but had support from our West Coast leaders as well. Linestop® success is achieved by the pre-work and set up a project like this requires. 
Seasoned and confident technicians that work nationally as a team are the core of IFT’s success.

5 - Linestop Plug Valve 
The 30” Plug valve was broken in the open position and required replacing. With IFT Linestop® installed the task of replacement was getting close. 

6 - Linestop
Vertical Linestops in this size require forethought and room.

7 - Linestop Set
Not all Linestop® installations provide a 100% isolation but with pre-planning, precise sealing element and undamaged pipe walls this sewage Linestop® is as good as you can expect.
IFT takes isolations serious, has the backup staff, machine shops and knowledge to do it correctly.

8 - Great Shutdown
The contractors IFT services, need a clean and dry Linestop® allowing them to perform their duties, without an IFT shutdown, their work becomes much more difficult.
Repeat business is a main foundation of IFT’s success.

9 - New Valve Being Installed  
The new valve can be installed while the pump-station is fully active through its other two pumps that continue to run. 

10 - New Valve Installed 
Its a good feeling once the new valve is installed and closed, as IFT knows we are beyond the most critical portion of the job and almost done performing our project.

11 - Completion Plug Set
With the Linestop® machine removed, the completion plug is installed with our Completion setting tool. Now the fitting is ready for a blind flange.

12 - Bind Flange Set
A successful project is complete! Since IFT performance on this, we have replaced another 30” plug valve and now have been asked to replace the 3rd riser valve to update the system.

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