Double 42" Linestops on 42" PCCP Water Pipeline in Avon Lake, Ohio

Double 42” Linestops on 42” PCCP Water Pipeline in Avon Lake, Ohio

Job Status: Successful and Completed
Job Date: October 15,  2018
PROJECT: Double 42" Linestop on PCCP Water Main

IFT is pleased to submit the following quotation.
For Linestop® Services
Line Pressure: 100 or less
Line Contents: Water Main
Flow Rate: Less Than 2 Feet per second (FPS) Flow Rate
Pipe Material: PCCP L-301 (Pipe OD = 50.5 Cylinder OD = 47.25)
Pipe Specifications: 42” – Horizontal Linestops
Maximum Flow Rate allowed: Flow rates of 1 ft/sec for Single Linestop® or 2 ft/sec for Double Linestop® shall not be exceeded.

ltem l Linestop® 42” PCCP Water Main – 30” By Pass
1 – Set Up and Mobilization to site
2 – 42” Linestop Fittings for PCCP L-301 Water Pipeline (100 PSI or less)
(JCM 445 Primer Coated Bodies / Epoxy Coated Water Way – Alloy bolts)
Installation of saddles with test 
2 – 36” Hot Taps to allow for linestop entry
2 – Insertion of 48” linestop for 3 Days or Less
2 – 30” Epoxy Coated Blind Flanges with (2) lifting eyes
2– Removal of Linestop, install Completion Plugs and Blind Flanges.
(30” ANSI 150# Flanged outlet off linestop equipment for your by pass)

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