Double 36" Linestops on 36" PCCP Water Pipeline in Roswell, New Mexico

Double 36” Linestops on 36” PCCP Water Pipeline in Roswell, New Mexico

Job Status: Successful and Completed
Job Date: November 21, 2018
PROJECT: Double 36" Linestop on PCCP Water Main

Item I Linestop 36" PCCP Water Main- No By Pass
2- 36" Linestop saddle for PCCP Water Main @70 PSI or Less (JCM 445 Shop Coat with Epoxy Waterway)
2- Installation of linestop saddle with air test
2- Installation of Temporary Valve
2 - Insertion of 36" linestop for 1 0 Days or Less
2- 2" Saddle with corp. stop and tap for blow down and equalizing pressure to remove linestop.
2- Removal of Linestop, install completion plug and Blind Flange

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